2022 City of Choteau Growth Policy

This update of the City of Choteau’s Growth Policy is meant to help the City Council and residents make decisions regarding the community’s economy, infrastructure, local services, and land use. The update should help City residents achieve specific goals instead of reacting to individual events and using short-term fixes year after year.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, it became very apparent that the community was ill prepared for the onslaught of change this unexpected event would bring. Issues of concern to City residents range from having a simple yet effective zoning code to providing local services to the even more challenging task of improving the infrastructure (water-sewer) of the City.

This document contains nine sections that provide the rationale for understanding and achieving the goals listed in thisdocument. These sections include:

  • Goals and Objectives: Taking advantage of opportunities and overcoming challenges does not happen by chance. City residents must be willing to set practical and achievable goals to make things happen.
  • Introduction: A description of the city, its location, features, and history.
  • Population: A brief description of the City’s population and demographics.
  • Economy: A description of the city’s current economic situation and a vision for addressing issues and capitalizing on economic opportunities and challenges.
  • Local Services and Public Facilities: A description of the City’s infrastructure and services, including those that the city operates and maintains.
  • Housing: A description of the current housing stock in the city.
  • Land Use: A description of land use in the City, including the impacts of flooding and wildland fires and the City’s administration of its zoning and subdivision regulations.
  • Resident Outreach: This section describes the process used to gather advice and guidance from City residents on the issues of importance to them.
  • Action Plan: A description of the actual steps the City may take to achieve the Goals and Objectives in this document

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Pet Licenses

The City of Choteau requires all dogs and cats living in the City limits to be licensed within 15 days of arriving or within 15 days of the animal reaching the age of four months.  Proof of rabies vaccination certificate is required at the time of licensing.  Licenses expire each year on December 31.  Licenses are available for renewal in December and January.  After February 1, there will be a penalty of ten dollars added for each animal licensed.

Our Campground

The City Campground is located just south of the City Park.  It is open year round with water and restrooms available only in the summer months.  The fee is ten dollars per night per vehicle and is on the honor system.  Camping is first come first served, no reservations are taken.